Intermission Games

Brought to you by Extreme Glass Limited, our "Extreme Team" minor hockey intermission games are a great way to spend an entertaining evening with your hockey team!

All players and coaches receive free admission into the game and reserved seating.


If you would like your Squirt or Novice team to be one of our Extreme Glass Extreme Teams, please fill out the application form below.

Minor Hockey Intermission Game Application Form

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Yes, I would like to nominate our minor hockey team to participate in an Extreme Glass & Siding "Extreme Team" Intermission Game.
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Team Details when participating in an Extreme Glass & Siding "Extreme Team" Intermission Game:

  • All players and coaches will receive free admission into the game.
  • Arrive at the arena 30 mins prior to puck drop.
  • Let security know your Team is participating in the Extreme Team Intermission Game and wait for a member of our Baker Hughes Ice Team to take you to your dressing room.
  • Your Extreme Team Jerseys will be waiting in your dressing room. Once a jersey is assigned to each player please provide the Baker Hughes Team Member a list of the player's names and numbers for our announcer to read the line up.
  • Have your team dressed in full equipment prior to the start of the game and sit in your team's reserved seating designated by the Baker Hughes Team Member.
  • At the 10 min mark of the first period have your team get their skates on and wait for the Baker Hughes Team Member to come and get your team to take them on the ice.
  • The players will go on the ice before the flood for a five minute game. Please have coaches on the ice with the players.

Have Fun!

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