Five questions with Kolten Kanaski

Take me through your season overall?

The season has gone very well. It’s a great group of guys and we’re a very tight-knit group and our play shows it. Personally I’ve had a better year than last. At least this season I managed to grab an assist. (Editor’s note: Kanaski had eight goals and no assists in 49 games with the Oil Caps last season.)

Your team is right in the thick of things for second place in the MJHL standings, so clearly your club is performing well on the ice. What would an MJHL championship mean to you?

An MJHL championship would mean a lot to me as I’ve never won a championship at a high level of hockey. Only was a bridesmaid in my second year of midget.

Getting away from the rink now for some ‘tough’ questions… Here we go…What movie can you watch over and over without getting tired of? And why?

Dumb and Dumber because it’s an iconic movie and I like watching it with my father.

What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to?


What are some of the best vacations you’ve had?

Best vacation I’ve ever had was when I was 10. I went to Doha, Qatar to visit my auntie.