Great benefits to being an Oil Caps game day host!

Do you have a business that would like to get showcased in front of a large crowd at a top-notch facility?

The Oil Capitals are here to help you. We offer a game host package that’s more than just ‘this game is brought to you by’. It’s about connecting with your customers and the community in a unique way that only your local MJHL club can provide.

Not only do we provide a partnership package that enables your company to interact with your customers and the community during a game night experience, the Oil Capitals showcase your brand with public address announcements, banners and logos displayed on a projection screen. The Oil Capitals make sure to provide you, the game day host, with what you need in order to thank your customers the right way – all the while, enjoying some great junior A hockey!

“It’s a great facility so it’s really nice to bring our customers in and do a little thank you to the customers and then go watch a really good entertaining hockey game,” said Tom Tychynski of Piston Ring, a recent game day host with the Oil Caps.

“We had a good relationship with you guys (Oil Caps management) as far as dealing with the tickets, putting the banners up and getting that stuff done,” he added.

Asked if he’d recommend a game day host experience to another business, Tychynski quickly responded, “Of course.”

If your business is looking for a great night out with your customers, all the while, enjoying a great game day experience, then look no further than the Virden Oil Capitals.

We’re here to help!

If interested, please call the Oil Capitals head office at 204-748-4848 or email Lanny Stewart at Lanny@oilcapshockey.com.


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