Oil Capitals Volunteer Information Night

The Oil Capitals are hosting a volunteer information night this coming Monday, September 10th, 7:30 PM at the Tundra Oil & Gas Place. 

All volunteers who have been involved with the team in the past, and individuals who would be interested in being involved with the team in the future are more than welcome to attend this informal meeting. 

Oil Capitals staff and players will be on hand to discuss the importance and appreciation that our volunteers mean to our hockey club.  “Our volunteers are integral to our game day functions, team fundraisers, and overall day to day operations in some areas of our hockey club.  We really want to show that our volunteers are and mean a great deal to our hockey club.  Being involved with our club, from a volunteer perspective, I think is a fun and rewarding experience.  One in which our hockey club does not take for granted,” reiterates Jamie Hodson, Director of Business and Hockey Operations for the organization.

Refreshments and appetizers will be served at the meet and greet.  If interested, but would like more information before attending, please call the office at 748-4848 or email marketing@oilcapshockey.com.