Oil Caps Host Annual Crop Tour

Virden Oil Capitals annual crop tour took place July 23, approximately five and a half kilometers south of Virden.

Although last year there was no crop planted due to weather and time constraints, this is the fourth annual crop tour for the Virden Oil Capitals.

The tour was a learning experience with different sponsors there explaining soybeans, and what the process of planting and looking after the crop was. Along with a lot of learning came prizes to be won and lunch to be had. Branden Crowe, Virden Oil Capitals Marketing Manager, explained, “It was a learning experience. Growing up in an agricultural family, I have been around these type of discussions and tours in the past. I didn’t know a whole lot about Soybeans coming into today, but I walked away with a better understanding of what they are used for in everyday life.”

This annual event proves to be huge for the Virden Oil Capitals receiving all profits. Crowe, states, “The money received after the crop comes off and is sold goes directly into the operating funds of the hockey club.” For the Virden Oil Capitals, it is this type of funding that goes such a long way, as it takes a lot to keep a Junior “A” squad on its feet. “Running a hockey club is not a cheap thing to do. Teams all over Canada are constantly racking their brains trying to find the next profitable fundraiser. I don’t think that in Southwest Manitoba you will get a better venture than a Crop Club.” Crowe stated in an email interview.

This year there were 15 soybean crop trials. These crops all included burn off chemical, soil testing, inoculant trials, advanced seeding development technology and variable rate fertility. 

The Crop Tour fundraising helps immensely when the Oil Capitals start their season this fall.