Members of the Oil Caps dropped off banquet tickets at the local Andrew Agencies office late last month.

Oil Caps very busy in February connecting with the community!


The Oil Caps were very busy during the month of February as the club continues to showcase its community spirit this season.

The Oil Caps kicked off the month with a Recycle Everywhere school visit on Feb. 5 at Virden Junior High. During the school visit, players delivered a positive message about beverage container recycling.

The team also continued to help out with local minor hockey practices and school skates, including a Redvers minor hockey practice on Feb. 8, a school skate at Goulter School on Feb. 14, a family skate in Kenton on Feb. 19 and a Deloraine minor hockey practice on Feb. 20. Members of the club also helped out with a squirt hockey tourney on Feb. 25 which included players handing out pennants and running the score clock.

Meanwhile, February is I Love To Read Month so that meant members of the Oil Caps spent countless hours at various schools in the area – this included visits to Virden’s Mary Montgomery School on Feb. 8 and 9, Birdtail School on Feb. 12, Miniota on Feb. 15, Hamiota on Feb. 20, Souris on Feb. 21 as well as Birtle and Melita stops on Feb. 26.

Members of the team also participated in a Boston Pizza ‘Pizza Party’ with local kids on Feb. 25.

The Oil Capitals hockey club, in partnership with IJack Technologies, remain committed to giving back to the community of Virden and the surrounding area that supports them.

Each hockey season, the Oil Caps volunteer hundreds of hours of their time to both hockey and non-hockey related events.

If you would like representation from our team at your event please email us at marketing@oilcapshockey.com.