Tundra Oil and Gas Community Connection



The Virden Oil Capitals Hockey Club, in partnership with Tundra Oil and Gas, are proud to involve our team in Virden and the surrounding communities.
Each hockey season, the Oil Caps volunteer hundreds of hours of their time to both hockey and non-hockey related events.

From “I Love to Read Month” in local schools, to Breakfast Club, Can Skate and minor hockey practices. The Caps are committed to giving back to the community that supports them.

The end of , Tundra Oil and Gas will proudly present the Oil Caps Community Connection, a recap of events held in the community that previous week and a look ahead at future events.

If you would like representation from our team at your event please email us at marketing@oilcapshockey.com



🎉 The Virden Oil Capitals’ February Extravaganza: A Celebration of Community Spirit! 🎉

This February, the Virden Oil Capitals swapped their hockey sticks for books and serving spoons, engaging in a heartwarming community outreach marathon that stretched across Virden and its neighboring areas. Their mission? To spread joy, literacy, and sportsmanship far and wide.

🥞 Kicking Off with Kindness: The team jump-started the mornings by joining the Breakfast Club for minor hockey, fueling the dreams of young athletes with nutritious starts to their days.

📚 A Literary Adventure: February, marked as “I Love To Read” Month, saw our heroes diving into the world of books. The journey began on February 6th, with Trevor Hunt, Ethan Guthrie, Nolan Wallace, and David Bielik igniting imaginations in Melita. The momentum continued on February 7th, as Roux Bazin and Trevor Hunt brought the thrill of floor hockey to Mary Mont School, while Luke Robson, Marshall Light, Liam Bechthold, and Tyler Dodgson embarked on a storytelling expedition at Miniota Elementary.

The reading crusade blazed through Virden Funshine on February 12th, with even more Oil Caps joining the literary league. By February 14th and 15th, Cole Slobodian, Laton Veitch, and a robust lineup of teammates turned Goulter Elementary into a fortress of stories, proving their prowess in every classroom.

🏒 Beyond the Books: The Oil Caps didn’t just stick to the script of reading; they also showcased their athletic side. Engaging in exhilarating floor hockey matches, they brought energy and enthusiasm to Mary Mont and Goulter Elementary, demonstrating that their talents shine bright both on and off the ice.

📘 The Grand Finale of Reading: The love for literature didn’t wane as the month progressed. Elkhorn School and Mary Mont Elementary witnessed the magic of storytelling with Ty Plaisier, Evan Groening, Grady Lane, and a host of others leading the charge. The narrative adventure culminated at Hartney School on February 26th, with Trevor Hunt, Nolan Wallace, David Bielik, and Joey Bielik closing the book on a spectacular month of community engagement.

🥅 Closing with a Goal: The final play of the month saw the Oil Caps back at Goulter Elementary on February 28th, not only assisting with the breakfast program but also returning to the floor hockey arena, where Ethan Guthrie and Brett Sabel showed that teamwork and fun are the true goals of the game.

Throughout February, the Virden Oil Capitals demonstrated an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact beyond the rink. Each book read and every game played was a testament to their dedication to the community and the young hearts they aimed to inspire. The Oil Caps didn’t just participate; they led with passion, proving that heroes come in many forms – sometimes, even as hockey players with a love for reading and community service.


Virden Oil Capitals: Champions of Community Engagement in January 2024

In January 2024, the Virden Oil Capitals showcased their unwavering commitment to community service, actively participating in a variety of events across Virden and the surrounding areas. Demonstrating their dedication to giving back, the team engaged in numerous activities, leaving a lasting positive impact on the community.

Throughout the month, the Oil Capitals implemented a structured approach to community involvement, with three players each day contributing to the Minor Hockey Breakfast Program at Tundra Oil & Gas Place. This initiative ensured that young athletes received a nutritious start to their day, highlighting the team’s role in promoting healthy lifestyles among youth.

A highlight of the month was on January 15th, when Brett Sabel and Noel Englot served breakfast at Coulter Elementary, directly interacting with the children and staff. This gesture of kindness was mirrored on January 17th, as Brett Sabel and Ethan Guthrie organized breakfast at Goulter Elementary, while teammates Grady Lane and Ty Plaisier engaged students in floor hockey at MaryMont Elementary, fostering a love for the sport.

The engagement continued on January 18th, with Evan Groening and Naton Miller leading floor hockey activities, demonstrating the players’ enthusiasm for active participation and sportsmanship.

The following week, the Caps brought joy to Goulter Elementary with fun-filled skating days. Players Rouz Bazin, Josh Lehto, Ethan Guthrie, Nolan Chastko, Naton Miller, Trevor Hunt, Liam Bechthold, Marshall Light, Grady Lane, Luke Robson, Evan Groening, Brett Sabel, and Tyler Dodgson took turns skating and playing games with the children, creating memorable experiences for the young participants.

On January 22nd, Liam Bechthold and Noel Englot continued the tradition of the breakfast program at Coulter, demonstrating the team’s consistent commitment to community support. This was followed by another day of breakfast and floor hockey on January 24th at Coulter and Marymont respectively, with Nolan Wallace, Trevor Hunt, Nolan Chastko, and Josh Lehto contributing to the activities.

The month’s community engagement wrapped up on the 25th with another exhilarating floor hockey day, featuring Ethan Guthrie and Brett Sabel, who shared their passion for hockey and community service.

The Virden Oil Capitals’ extensive involvement throughout January 2024 exemplifies their dedication to not just excellence on the ice but also their significant role in enriching the lives of those in their community. Through these acts of service, the team not only fosters a strong sense of community spirit but also inspires the next generation of athletes and leaders. The Oil Capitals remain a beacon of hope and positivity, proving that their contributions extend far beyond the hockey rink.


On December 9th Oil Caps Luke Robson, Grady Lane, Eric Reid, and Ty Plaisier helped the Virden Red Apple with their Fill A Sleigh campaign! They helped wrap gifts, haul items to vehicles for anyone who wanted the help,  greeted people at the door and filled the Sleigh!

December 12th Oil Caps Nolan Wallace, Ethan Guthrie, and Trevor Hunt went to the Funshine Daycare and read some books to the kids!

December 16th Braeden Lewis and Luke Robson delivered some Tim Hortons Timbit donuts to the Virden U7 Timbit hockey teams during the Oil Caps game!


November was a busy month for the Oil Capitals. several Oil Caps participated in Floor Hockey at Marymont, Breakfast program at Coulter school and so much more.

November 1st, 8th, & 10th  Oil Caps Braeden Lewis, Roux Bazin, Josh Lehto, Nolan Chastko, and Ethan Guthrie helped sell poppies at the Virden Valleyview Co-op grocery store.

November 8th Oil Cap Luke Robson helped move meat from the Valleyview Co-op to the Virden food cupboard.

November 14th, 15th & 17th Oil Caps Ethan Guthrie, Josh Letho, Trevor Hunt, Nolan Wallace, Naton Miller, Owen LaRocque, Luke Robson, Ty Plaisier, Joey Bielik, David Bielik, Nolan Chastko, Roux Bazin, and Grady Lane all helped ice the Tim Hortons Smile Cookies!

November 25th the team participated in the Virden Santa Parade!

November 30th Oil Caps Braeden Lewis, Ethan Guthrie, and David Bielik went to Marymont Elementary school to help with some Hockey Themed Grade 2 math!


October was a good month for volunteering. The Oil Caps got to help out with a few different, out of the ordinary volunteer opportunities.

October 4th the Oil Caps were tested for their strength! Oil Caps Ethan Guthrie, Trevor Hunt, Nolan Wallace, Layton Veitch, Naton Miller, and Rhett Platt helped the Virden Ag Society  move corral panels!

Oil Caps Roux Bazin and Josh Lehto went over to Marry Mont K-4 School and participated in a game of soccer for their noon hour Intramurals!!

October 15th The Oil Caps got to help out with the Hamitoa Hockey School, a program that they’ve helped out with for a few years now! Oil Caps Rhett Platt, Noel Englot, Wyatt Homeniuk, Rhylan BAxter, Bryce Bryant, and Cole Slobodian had a blast getting to help with drills and move pucks for the kids!

October 18th The Oil Caps were tested on their strength and ability to use their “Lincoln lock game” abilities. Oil Caps Joey Bielik, Dave Bielik, Ethan Guthrie, Luke Robson, Josh Lehto, and Naton Miller went over to the Princess Lodge to help move all sorts of furniture out of an apartment building. They started by moving everything out of the room into the hallway and then put as much as possible into the elevator, ran downstairs to meet the elevator and move everything from the elevator into a moving truck! They were grateful they were able to help out with what they did!

October 30th Oil Caps Ty Plaisier and Wyatt Homeniuk sat at the Valleyview Co-opn from 10am to 12 noon selling poppies for the Virden Royal Legion Branch 8!!


September 30th into October some of the Oil Caps helped Randy Kalynuk with his Melita Hockey School! They helped run and execute drills along with some goof old fashion puck posing. Nick Guberman, Owen LaRocque, Rhylan Baxter and Aidan Wuerfel.

September 23rd, 24th and 27th Oil Caps Rhylan Baxter, Bryce Bryant, Roux Bazin, Trevor Hunt, Wyatt Homeniuk, Aidan Wuerfel, Owen LaRocque, Eric Reid, Nolan Chastko, Dean Gorchynski, Ethan Guthrie, Nick Guberman, David Bielik, and Rhett Platt all covered a prescheduled time chunks and helped out with the Virden Minor Hockey’s Pre-Season Skates!!

September 19th was FUEL GOOD DAY! Oil Caps Nolan Wallace, Brett Sabel, Ethan Guthrie, Nick Guberman went to Virdens Valleyview Co-op Gas Bar, while Aidan Wuerfel, Pierce Gouin, Rhett Platt, and Wyatt Homeniuk divided up and went to Elkhorn and Minitoa where they helped out pumping gas and cleaning windows for the morning!!

During the month of September Oil Capitals, Trevor Hunt, Nolan Wallace, Ethan Guthrie, Dean Gorchynski, Layton Veitch, Naton Miller all participated in Soccer Intramurals every Wednesday at Mary Montgomery’s K-4 School!


February 2023

February was an extremely busy month for your Virden Oil Capitals! They continued to help at Goulter School with Muffin Mondays, the kid’s hockey Breakfast program twice a week, several “I Love to Read” days at multiple schools, and more!!

On Feb. 1st Oil Caps Brody Wilson and Brett Sabel went to Mary Mont school and participated in their intramural game of hockey over lunch!

Feb. 6th Oil Caps Brett Sabel and Ethan Guthrie helped with Goulters Muffin Monday.

Feb. 8th Oil Caps Josh Lehto and Naton Miller helped with Goulters Muffin Monday.

Feb. 23rd Oil Caps Brody Wilson and Ethan Guthrie drove out to the Twin Valley Co-op in Birtle, MB to sell game day tickets to anyone who wanted them!


Feb. 13th Owen LaRocque and Naton Miller went and helped with Monday Monday at Goulter!

Feb. 14th  Oil Capitals Colten Miller and Davis Chorney helped the Virden Food Cupboard pick up and deliver food items!

Feb. 20th Oil Caps Ty Plaisier, Nolan Chastko, Thomas Phillips, and Owen LaRocque went to Kenton, MB, and got to play hockey and curl with kids all day for the Kenton 4-H Funspiel!!

Feb. 21st – Nicholas Guberman and Brett Sabel went to Goulter to help out with Muffin Monday then went to Mary Month to read for “I Love To Read Month” to the Kindergarten Class!


Feb. 21st Virden Oil Capitals Brody Wilson, Eric Reid, Layton Veitch, and Joey Bielik drove out to Birtle, MB to deliver free youth game tickets to all the kids at both schools while Oil Caps David Bielk and Dean Gorchynski traveled to Miniota, MB to deliver free youth game tickets to the kids at school!

All of the “I Love To Read” Days below:

Feb 6th –  an “I Love To Read” Day at Goulter! Oil Capitals Brett Sabel, Ethan Guthrie, Nicholas Guberman, Joey Bielik, Trevor Hunt, Eric Reid, Layton Veitch, David Bielik, Josh Lehto, and Dean Gorchynski grouped off and were able to read to each classroom!


Feb. 8th – “I Love To Read Day” at Elkhorn School where Colten Miller, Naton Miller, Nicholas Guberman, and Brody Willson all went to read to the classrooms!

Feb. 9th – “I Love To Read Day” at Reston School! Oil Caps Brody Wilson, Nicholas Guberman, Ethan Guthrie, and Brett Sabel read to the classrooms.

Feb. 13th – “I Love To Read Day” at the Melita School. Oil Caps Trevor Hunt, Brody Wilson, Nolan Wallace, and Layton Veitch traveled out to Melita to spend some time reading to the kiddos!

Feb. 28th Oil Capitals David Bielik, Ethan Guthrie, Brett Sabel, Joey Bielik, Davis Chorney, Nicholas Guberman, Dean Gorchysnki, Brody Wilson, Owen LaRocque, Naton Miller, Eric Reid, and Josh Lehto went to Mary Mont school for the final day of “I Love To Read Month”!

The Oil Caps enjoyed getting the chance to read to the elementary schools here in Virden and the surrounding

January 2023 –

Throughout the month of January, the Oil Capitals have continued to help out with Muffin Mondays at Goulter School!

On Wednesday, January 18th Oil Capitals Colten Miller, Naton Miller, Trevor Hunt, and Brody Wilson went to the Virden Junior High outdoor rink to skate with the Virden Funshine Daycare kids!!

Also on the 18th, Oil Caps Dead Gorchynski and Davis Chorney participated in floor hockey at Mary Montgomery School as part of the school’s intramurals.

On January 19th, Nicholas Guberman and Ethan Guthrie participated in Floor hockey, and on the 26th of January, Roux Bazin and Andrew Blocker got to participate in a floor hockey match!

Throughout January Oil Capitals, Nicholas Guberman, Naton Miller, Ty Plaisier, Colten Miller, Trevor Hunt, _____________, and ________________ all helped at Goulter School with a kinder gym class along with playing outside during first recess with the kids!

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd, and Thursday, Jan. 24th Oil Caps David Bielik, Josh Lehto, Joey Bielik, Owen LaRocque, Ethan Guthrie, and Brett Sabel skated with the Goulter School kids at Tundra Oil & Gas Place!


December 2022 – The month of December was a busy month for your Virden Oil Capitals!

They helped out around the community with several jobs and fun community-filled activities!

On Dec. 3rd Oil Caps Nolan Wallace, Trevor Hunt, Eric Reid, Davis Chorney, Josh Lehto, Brett Sabel, Bray Rookes, Andrew Blocker, Roux Bazin, Culten Miller, Parker Konneke, and Naton Miller all went to the Virden Legion Hall and helped at the Wallace District Fire Department’s Wing Ding Turkey Bingo!! They had a blast!

Dec. 5th was the Christmas Holliday Train across from Tundra Oil & Gas Place with special guest Tenille Townes! The Oil Caps headed over to hand out candy canes and hang out with the kids while dancing to some great music!

Dec. 10th there were two separate events that the Oil Caps divided and conquered! One event was the Oak Lake Winter Festival where Oil Caps Ty Plaisier, Davis Chorney, Owen LaRocque, and Andrew Blocker got to play some road hockey, went on hay rides, and signed some autographs for all their small fans! They had a fantastic, sunny day!

Dec 10th was also the Face Off Festival in Hamitoa! Oil Caps Brody Wilson, Parker Konneke, Naton Miller, and Nicholas Guberman went out on the ice to help run some drills!

On Dec. 8th Brody Wilson and Dean Gorchynski helped deliver food to the food cupboard!

Dec 12th was Toy Delivery’s to Christmas Cheer with the Co-op Fuel Team and Brody Wilson, Nolan Chastko, Ethan Guthrie, Ty Plaisier, Thomas Phillips and David Bielik.  Dec. 13th and 14th Oil Caps Dean Gorchynski, Naton Miller, Roux Bazzin, Layton Veitch, Ethan Guthrie, Nick Guberman, Brett Sabel, Josh Lehto, Colten Miller, Brody Wilson, Trevor Hunt, Nolan Wallace, Ty Plaisier, Joey Bielik, David Bielik, and Eric Reid all helped at the Valley View Co-op with stocking shelves and bagging groceries!!



November 2022 – The Virden Oil Capitals continued to help out with Goulters Muffin Mondays! Nick Guberman, Dean Gorchynski, Brett Sabel, Davis Chorney, Eric Reid, Trevor Hunt and Nolan Wallace all helped out with the Muffins!!

November 2nd – Oil Capitals Naton Miller, Josh Lehto and Luke DeCorby helped a member of the community move furniture!

November 17th – Oil Caps Trevor Hunt and Nolan Wallace, and Brody Wilson and Parker Konneke went to read at the Virden Sunshine Daycares with all the kids! The kids seemed to love having the Oil Caps read to them.

November 23rd – Captain Brody Wilson and Parker Konneke helped deliver Boston Pizza Pizzas to the Miniota school for their hot lunch day!

The Virden Oil Capitals continued to help with the breakfast program every Tuesday and Thursday through the month of November as well!


October 2022 – The month of October was filled full of extra curricular’s for the Virden Oil Capitals!

October began with Oil Caps Brett Sabel, Nolan Chastko, Joey Bielik, David Bielik, Thomas Phillips, Dean Gorchynski, Luke DeCorby and Naton Miller helping out at the Melita Hockey School.

On Oct. 2nd, Oil Caps Brody Wilson, Nolan Wallace, Davis Chorney, Trevor Hunt, Ethan Guthrie, Colten Miller, Matthew Renville, Parker Konneke, Nick Guberman, Josh Lehto, and Owen LaRocque helped with set up and take down of the Multi Cultural Street Festival!

Oct. 6th The Virden Ag Society needed some help in the barn moving corrals so Oil Caps Colten Miller, Naton Miller, Ethan Guthrie and Trevor Hunt went out to lend a hand!

Oct. 19th the Valley View Co-op and the Virden Red Apple had deliveries for the Virden Food Cupboard! Oil Caps Trevor Hunt, Nolan Wallace, Parker Konneke, and Ethan Guthrie all went to help pack and unpack the goods for the Co-op and Red Apple!

Oct. 21st was Family Skate Night! All of the Virden Oil Capitals stayed after their game to skate with anyone in the community that wanted too!

For the mornings of Oct. 28th and the 31st Oil Caps Dean Gorchynski, Brody Wilson and Davis Chorney took turns selling Poppies for Remembrance Day at the Valley View Co-op!

Throughout the month of October several of the Oil Caps took turns helping out at Goulter School with Kinder Gym class and played outside at recess with the kids!

Oct. 29th the Virden Oil Caps had their Halloween Howl Night where all kids were invited to wear their costumes to get in free of charge to the hockey game and get a free popcorn!

September 2022 – During the month of September, the Virden Oil Capitals participated in several community actives.

On September 20th Oil Caps Captain Brody Wilson, Brett Sabel, Parker Konneke and Luke DeCorby helped out for Fuel Good Days at the Co-op Convenience Store.

September 21st Oil Caps Brody Wilson, Trevor Hunt, Nolan Wallace, Ethan Guthrie, Dean Gorchysnki, Davis Chorney, Colten Miller, and Nicholas Guberman helped decorate Smie Cookies at the Westman and Area Tim Hortons.

During the month of September several of the Oil Caps helped out with Virden Minor Hockey practices and participated in Soccer Intramurals every Wednesday at Mary Montgomery’s K-4 School!


2021-2022 Updates

February 2022

February 25th was a Game Day for the Virden Oil Capitals. The Virden Oil Capitals defeated the Swan Valley Stampeders in a shutout score of 3-0! After the game the Oil Caps came up to the concourse to hangout and sign Hockey Cards for our Hebert Grain Ventures Hockey Card Night! They had so much fun seeing all of their fans in a variety of ages lined up ready for their signatures!

February – Through the month of February, on the days where school wasn’t cancelled due to the poor road conditions or bad weather the Virden Oil Capitals took turns participating in the  breakfast club program.

February 13th – Oil Caps Carson Buydens, Layton Veitch, Evan Groening, and Eric Reid drove to our neighbouring town, Oak Lake to participate in a fundraising even to help raise funds for Oak Lake’s Ox Cart Station! The Oil Caps played some hockey, while other activities were snowman making and tobogganing, later they got to enjoy some burgers!

February 2nd – The Virden Oil Capitals participated in “I LOVE TO READ” month at Goulter School. Several of the Oil Caps went and took turns reading story books to each classroom as guest readers! The kids enjoyed listening to the stories just as much as the Oil Caps enjoyed getting to read to little minds!

January 2022

January 20th – Oil Capitals Colten Miller, Nolan Wallace, and Tyler Thoendel met at the Valleyview Coop to help haul meat for the Food Cupboard!

January – The Virden Oil Capitals continue to helped out with Breakfast Club twice a week. Skating with kids and helping run drills.

December 2021

December- The Virden Oil Capitals continue to go to Goulter School for Muffin Mondays to help sort, organize and hand out muffins for breakfast. Along with doing reading groups with kids.

The Virden Oil Capitals go to Mary Montgomery School twice a week to participate in intramural’s outside with the kids. Usually they play a game of soccer or another fun outside activity.

December 14th – The Virden Oil Capitals had a Billet/Staff Christmas Dinner at the Virden Legion. The dinner was fabulously cooked. Everyone helped out and later enjoyed a lovely Christmas Meal.

December 15th – The Virden Oil Capitals went to the Valleyview Co-op to help out with bagging groceries and helping with carry out.

November 2021

November 17th – David Bielik, Joey Bielik, Dylan Halliday and Colten Miller were at Virden’s Home Hardware for the morning helping customers haul items from the store to their vehicles for the 25% off sale!

November – The Virden Oil Capitals have continued to help out at Goulter with Muffin Mondays, reading with children, and volunteering to stay for recesses. They also still go to Mary Montgomery School to play intramural games during lunch recesses.


October 28th & 29th, 2021

Dylan Halliday, Colin Cook, and Nathan McInnis were over at Mary Montgomery to play soccer for intramurals with the grade 3 & 4’s.

October 26th, 2021

Jackson Orr and Mitchell Collyer were at Goulter School to help out and listen to children read!


October 25th, 2021

Oil Caps Logan Rands and Dylan Halliday were at Goulter School to organize and hand out muffins for Goulters Muffin Monday Breakfast Program!

October 20th, 2021

Logan Rands, Dylan Halliday and Colin Cook helped out with loading and unloading the Virden Red Apples food donations for the Virden and Area Food Cupboard. Its so great to see all of the donations for the Virden and Area Food Cupboard!!

October 8th, 2021

A few of the Virden Oil Capitals went over to the Virden Junior High to participate in the Terry Fox Run/Walk! Oil Caps Colten Miller, Eric Reid, Trevor Hunt, Brayden Stevenson, and Mitchell Collyer enjoyed interacting and visiting with the kids while taking part in the Terry Fox Run/Walk.

September 21st, 2021

The Virden Oil Capitals volunteered at the Valley View Co-op Fuel good day where they were washing windows and helping pump gas. The Valley View Co-op raised over $4000.00 to go towards: Virden and Area food Cupboard, Melita and Area Christmas Cheer, Pierson United Church Food Bank, and the Hamiota Food Bank(serving Kenton).

August 20th – 22nd First Annual Mainline Motors Hockey School

The weekend of Aug. 20th to 22nd the Virden Oil Capitals partnered with Mainline Motors and held our first ever Mainline Motors and Virden Oil Caps Annual Hockey School.  Our players were around to lend a hand with on and off ice activities.

July 1st, 2021 Canada Day

The Valley View Co-op hosted an outdoor movie as part of our Canada Day Celebration where Oil Capitals Dylan Halliday, Logan Rands, Jackson Orr, and Colin Cook helped with the concession sales.

2019-2020 Updates

January 31, 2020 

Hebert Grain Ventures Hockey Card Night.  The team stayed after the Oil Caps game to autograph their hockey cards for the kids.  This turned out to be a successful night for the community. 

January 28, 2020

Funshine Daycare 2- Storytime.  Several of the team went to our local Daycare to read stories to the young children, ages one through five.  

January 25, 2020

Border Regional Library Literacy Day in Virden. 

January 23, 2020

Goulter School- Recycle Everywhere/MJHL Ambassadors. A few boys from the team went to Goulter Elementary School to speak to the students about the importance of recycling! They interacted with the students and answered many questions regarding recycling. 

January 22 & 29, 2020

Mary Montgomery Floor Hockey.  Several of the Oil Caps went to MMS over lunch hour to play floor hockey with the grade 3 & 4 students.  The students and teachers at Mary Montgomery love when the Oil Caps take part in this, and it will now become a weekly event. 

January 15 & 30, 2020

Goulter School Breakfast Program.  Some of the team participated in the breakfast program at Goulter Elementary School to assist with serving breakfast to the students before school hours.  They have helped out with this event on multiple occasions and the kids really enjoy mingling and interacting with the boys!

December 18, 2019

Christmas Cheer- Some of the boys helped with delivering Christmas Cheer Hampers around town.

The Oak Lake Community School invited some our the Oil Caps to their annual Christmas Lunch! The players helped to serve the students and had fun chatting & posing for pictures with them.  Of course, enjoyed another fabulous lunch!

The Oil Caps continued to dedicate their time to help out with Virden Minor Hockey, partaking in various team practices and the Breakfast Club Program, which runs early Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

December 17, 2019

The Oil Cap’s once again, paired up with the Grade 4 students from Mary Montgomery School to hand deliver their cards to the residents at the Sherwood.  They spent the morning visiting and singing Christmas Carols and reading books.  The residents truly love and appreciate this day!

December 16, 2019.

Christmas Cheer- Some of the Oil Caps helped with picking up and gathering food and hamper donations around town for Virden’s Christmas Cheer.  This is a foundation made to assist with Christmas dinners, provide extra groceries, and gifts where possible for less-fortunate individuals or families in the community.

December 13, 2019

Card Making at Mary Montgomery with Grade 4 students.  Some of the team had the pleasure of going to MMS elementary school to assist the kids with making hand-made Christmas cards for the elderly.  The students had so much fun!

The Virden Junior High hosted their annual Christmas Lunch.  Some of the players were on had to serve the students!  They also were lucky enough to enjoy the delicious meal.

December 7, 2019

This was a very eventful day for the town of Virden!  Some of the boys attended and helped out where needed selling tickets, etc. at the Wallace District Fire Department Turkey Bingo. Proceeds for this event are given out to various Groups throughout the Community, this year being the Scouts.

Some of the team worked at the Virden Red Apple greeting customers and partaking in the “Sleigh Full of Toys” Toy Drive.

The day ended with the Santa Clause Parade, and the Oil Capital’s had a float in the evening’s Christmas town-wide parade!

December 1, 2019

First Annual Brunch with the Oil Capitals.  This took place at the Virden Legion Hall and was hosted by the Oil Capital’s Booster Club.  The players were there for the morning serving brunch, and playing mini sticks with the kids, did face painting and crafts!

Later that day was the Oil Capitals Car Rally, an event for the team to get to know the community of Virden and surrounding area.  All proceeds for this event was given to the Christmas Cheer fundraiser.

September/October 2019

In September, Dylan Halliday and Colin Cook were at the Valleyview Co-op Gas Bar in Virden;  Jackson Orr and Sam Brunton went to the Valleyview Co-op Gas Bar in Melita for Fuel Good Day. Players off the team helped a couple move some bigger furniture to their new apartment.

They have been helping out the community on the ice as well, mentoring at the Virden Minor Hockey Fall Camp.  Along with the fall camp, some of our Oil Caps are mentor coaches on many of the Virden Minor Hockey Teams in town.

In October, they started off with the Virden Junior High Terry Fox Run. Dylan Halliday, Tyler Teasdale, Riley Wallace, and Sam Brunton laced up their skates and hit the ice with grades 5-8 from VJH for their annual Terry Fox Run/Walk/Skate.

Colin Cook, Sam Brunton, Carson Cox, Jacob Evans, Josh Belcher, Owen Blocker, Jackson Orr, Kolten Kanaski, Dylan Halliday, Bradyn Smelski, and Bray Rookes all pitched in at the Valleyview Co-op Virden Food Store to help bag and carry out groceries for people around Thanksgiving weekend!

Breakfast is served! Some K-4 students at Goulter School got to visit with Jackson Orr and Sam Brunton, as they picked up their breakfast.  Jackson and Sam also spent a morning serving breakfast at the Virden Junior High to their students.

Nolan Dawson, Carson Cox, Jacob Evans and Bradyn Smelski packed the Oil Capitals truck, full of food and headed over to the Virden Food Cupboard to help out the Farm Credit Drive Away Hunger Campaign!

Sam Brunton, Jackson Orr, Jacob Evans, Bradyn Smelski, and Owen Blocker headed over to The Sherwood Nursing Home for coffee and spent some time chatting with the residents!

The Oil Capitals participated in the Town of Virden Public Skating and Sticks & Pucks held at Tundra Oil & Gas Place!

We got everyone out and about with the fans, during our annual Skate with the Caps Family Skate Night! After our game, the Oil Capitals took off their gear and headed back out onto to the ice to skate with their fans.

All the players got to use their creativity with our Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest.  Fans got to vote for their favorite pumpkin! This year bragging rights go to Dylan Halliday, Tristan Thompson and Sam Brunton.   In true Halloween spirit, the players dressed up and handed out candy to some very lucky trick-or-treaters!