The Oil Capitals Lose A Tough Game To The Stampeders In Overtime

The Virden Oil Capitals lost a tough battle to the Swan Valley Stampeders last night. Virden opened the scoring early, with Swan Valley scoring the tying goal 8 minutes later. The Stampeders kept their momentum moving, scoring on the power play to gain the 2-1 lead. The Oil Capitals gained back the tie on their own power play, leaving the first period tied 2-2. Swan Valley scored early in the second, once again on a power play. That was the only goal in the second leaving the score 3-2 for the Stampeders going into the third period. The Stampeders opened the scoring the third period with yet another power play goal. Taking a 4-2 lead over the Virden Oil Capitals. Virden came back, scoring 2 goals by the end of the period forcing overtime with the score tied at 4. The Stampeders scored late in the overtime period taking the game, leaving the final score at 5-4 for Swan Valley.

The Oil Capitals wasted no time in the first period, with Hunter Cloutier scoring his first of regular season just 1:07 into the period. Swan Valley returned the goal with Carter Cockburn scoring his first at 7:25, tying the score 1-1. The Stampeders continued with their momentum, this time with Josh Beauchemin scoring his first at 13:43, on the power play. This gave Swan Valley a 2-1 lead over Virden. The Oil Capitals tied the game back up at 16:36 when Kolten Kanaski scored his first on the power play. Leaving the first period score tied 2-2.

Swan Valley wasted no time in the second period scoring just 0:27 into the second period. Nathan Carl scored his fourth of regular season on the power play. However they couldn’t take advantage of the early momentum, with the rest if the period being scoreless on both sides. The ending score of the second period had the Stampeders leading the Oil Capitals 3-2.

The Stampeders extended their lead in the third period, with Mattias Dal Monte scoring on the power play, at 7:50 into the period. Making the score now 4-2 for the Stampeders. Virden wasted no time gaining back that goal, with Josh Belcher scoring his first at 8:07, just 17 seconds after the Swan Valley goal. This cut their lead back to 4-3 lead. Virden tied the game up at 14:44 with Hunter Cloutier scoring his second of both regular season, and the game. Tying up the game at 4-4 and forcing the overtime period.

Swan Valley’s Frazer Dodd ended overtime at 3:43 into the period. The final scoring being 5-4 for the Stampeders.

Swan Valley’s Mikael Foucher stopped 33 of 37 shots to pick up the win. Virden’s Riley Wallace stopped 37 of 42 shots to get an overtime loss.