Media Release: The Virden Oil Capitals Hockey Club Board of Directors.

The Virden Oil Capitals Hockey Club, of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL), are now looking to fill the role of GM/Head Coach for the organization for the upcoming 2019/2020 season.  Application deadline is Wednesday, May 1st, 2019.

Please see attached for details:


Reports Directly to Representation of the Virden Oil Capitals Board of Directors

Job duties include, but are not limited to: 

  • Direct the Board with preparation of an annual budget in a timely manner
  • Ensure the budget is achieved and enforced within the organization.  The budget will be all encompassing with such items and not limited to:  marketing and corporate revenue, ticket sales, operational expenses, and all other expenditures related to the Hockey Team;
  • Responsible for all operations of the hockey club, including all staff;
  • Communicating all business matters with the Board of Directors in a timely manner to ensure accurate records are maintained.  This shall include, but is not limited to:

o   Billet moves
o   Staff changes
o   Expenses outside of budget
o   Players trades/sales
o   Player incentive expenditures
o   Revenue opportunities

  • Establishing, communicating, and enforcing code of conduct for the Hockey Team’s players and maintaining player discipline both on and off the ice;
  • Abide by and maintain standards of coaching code of conduct as mandated by Hockey Manitoba, Hockey Canada, and the CJHL in accordance with the Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL);
  • Ensure physical and mental health standards for all players such as and not limited to:
  1. Puck skills
  2. Fitness and conditioning
  3. Power skating
  4. Team offensive and defensive strategies
  5. Mental wellness and health
  • Promoting and assisting players in off ice activities such as and not limited to:
  1. Completing their high school education
  2. Finding jobs in the community
  3. Helping coordinate secondary school courses
  4. Helping coordinate SAT tests
  5. Obtain scholarships and/or positions with post junior hockey clubs
  • Complete and maintain registration of all players and support staff of the Hockey Team in good standing at all times with the MJHL and with Hockey Manitoba, and providing all documentation and information to both organizations when required to do so
  • Creating and maintaining player contracts for each player;
  • Supervising/ordering of equipment for the operation of the Hockey Team in accordance with the team budget;
  • Facilitate/organize that travel, accommodations and meals for road trips have been completed for the hockey club;
  • Setting players’ rosters for the Hockey Team and maintaining lists of hockey players and affiliated players as allowed by the MJHL, including designating player line-ups for all games and communicating line-ups as required by the MJHL;
  • Negotiating player trades;
  • Working with and assisting VHVI’s billet coordinators, maintaining goodwill and monthly communication with all billet families and ensuring compliance with VHVI’s billeting rules;
  • Directing the organization with promotion of the Hockey Team in the community of Virden and surrounding area and attending functions for this purpose when they do not conflict with attendance at practices or games or meetings to recruit or trade players;
  • Maintain and promote a visible image in the community of Virden and surrounding areas and holding a high standard of integrity in the general public while representing the Virden Oil Capitals with a high level of respect;
  • Maintaining and expanding a scouting network for the Hockey Team, including a network of college contacts, maintaining scouting records, preparing and distributing recruiting packages and meeting with players and player’s families for recruitment of players;
  • Assembling prospects for the Hockey Team and selecting players each year for the purpose of building the best possible contender for the Hockey Team including maintaining the Hockey Team’s 50-man protected list as per MJHL rules and regulations;
  • Organize and participate in the Hockey Team’s fall and spring camps;
  • Attending MJHL meetings when Management are required to attend and negotiating the Hockey Team’s exhibition and regular season schedule;
  • Available for other league coaches’ meetings when required;
  • Other duties as assigned.

To Apply:

Please email all information (cover letter/resume, and references) and any other questions/information needed with regards to the opportunity of the GM/Head Coach position to Jamie@oilcapshockey.com on or before May 1st, 2019.