2019 Ag Summit


Save the date!

The Oil Capital’s 2nd  annual Ag Trade Show & Summit, November 21st,  at the Tundra Oil and Gas Place. A full day of event for our Ag Partners and Producers in Southwest Manitoba and Southeast Saskatchewan! The event will head line a trade show & key note speakers.

We are pleased to extend this invitation to participate in our upcoming Oil Capitals Ag Summit. The event will be an educational and inspirational kick-off to the 2020 crop growing season. Our goal is to benefit all previous and new Agricultural Partners affiliated with our hockey club and our area farmers.  This will also serve as a major fundraiser for our hockey club.  We expect to attract 150-200 growers plus, from all over SW Manitoba and SE Saskatchewan to attend the all-inclusive one day event.

The book a Trade Show booth and to become a partner, please contact the Oil Capitals Office or any of the Crop Club Members below.  As an Ag Producer, please contact the Oil Capitals Office or any of the Crop Club Members below to register for the event.

Limited Number of Tickets at the Oil Capitals Office or contact your local Ag Retail for Tickets.  There will also be a limited number of walk up tickets available at the door. Tickets are Free!!!

“Our 1st Ag Summit last year was a great success.  Our speakers, over 30 trade show exhibitors, followed by our game vs the Steinbach Pistons, made for a great day.  This year, we will have a limited number of tickets at the Oil Capitals office and at the event.  This is a free day, and anyone related to the agriculture field is welcome to attend.  We anticipate our trade show to grow this year, and our speakers will once again, be second to none.  Our Product and Technology Auction will once again be a focal point of the evening as well, followed by the game vs the Steinbach Pistons.  We will stick to similar agenda as last year, except for a few minor changes.  We are only going to have 2 speakers this year, so allowing more time in the trade show and the Farmery Brewery lounge area in the afternoon.  We will once again be starting at 1:00 PM, with the speakers in the mid-afternoon, Farmery Lounge, appetizers, auction, followed by the game vs Steinbach.  We will have a mix of a live auction and silent auction this year to speed up the process.  I think our partners and our producers will see some improvements this year in the layout and the flow.  This will once again be an important day for our hockey club.  With how stressful this harvest has been, we hope this really serves as an end of harvest windup and a time to exhale for all our local Ag Partners and Producers.”  Added the Oil Capitals Ag Summit Committee.

Stay Tuned for more updates to come. 

For more partnership and ticket information contact any Crop Club Committee Member Below.

Craig Davidson
Ag Summit Committee Member 204-761-5991 craig@taurus.ag

Barry Hutchison
Ag Summit Committee Member 204-851-6157 bhutchy1@gmail.com

Doug Heritage
Ag Summit Committee Member 204-748-5919 dheritage@rfnow.com

Bob Berry
Ag Summit Committee Member 204-748-5817 bjberry@rfnow.com

Clifford Whittle
Ag Summit Committee Member 204-748-7874 awhittle@mymts.net

David Draper
Ag Summit Committee Member 204-748-5528 ddraper@morris-retail.com

Jamie Hodson
Ag Summit Committee Member 204-851-0131 jamie@oilcapshockey.com

Kyle Dalgliesh
Ag Summit Committee Member 204-441-8111 kyle@heritageequipment.com

Leigh Smith
Ag Summit Committee Member 204-851-2241 nlsmith@rfnow.com