2018 Ag Summit Product and Tech Auction

Platinum Auction Items

Loveland Products. 4 Jugs of Radiate, 4 Jugs of Valid, 2 Jugs  of LI700, 4 Jugs of Awaken Foliar. Proven Seeds. 4 bags of Proven Canola, 2 bags of Proven Forage Seed.

8 bags of 45CM39 Canola

Agronomy Package: 160 Ac Optimize RX - F/S, Croptivity App Licence, My Farm Manager. Crop Marketing Package: Know Risk - 6 months & My Farm Manager.

2 1/4 Aerial LiDAR Survey. 2 1/4 surface drainage design. 3 days WM-Drain GPS Control System Rental.

Gold Auction Items

Kubota Tractor & Baler - 10 hrs. Morris Hay Hiker - 10 hrs. MacDon Corn Header - 1 day.

300 acres cereal seed treatment. 160 acres soybean treating. 100 acres custom spraying. 100 acres custom floating.

Silver Auction Items

Generator and a Winter Package

2 jugs of Cotegra Fungicide

Set of 4 Tires

Wheat King Game Tickets - 12 people in Mazergroups box, and a Pressure Washer.

160 acres of Active Flower.

Bronze Auction Items

A Farmers Edge Cooler Bag Assortment.

80 acres of custom application.

Blue Speaker, Stormtech Jacket, Beer Cozies, Pad Folio.

1 Jug of Authority. 1 Jug of Travallas.

1 Bag CS 2300 RR Canola Treated with Helix Vibrance

Free Undercoating, Care Care Kit, Windshield Wash Kit x 4 Jugs

A set of 4 tires.

1 Bag CS 2300 RR Canola Treated with Helix Vibrance

2 free oil changes, 1 free tire rotation, 1 free 3 season clean.