Get Oil Capitals Merchandise to Your Doorstep

The Virden Oil Capitals are continually making it easier for our fans to purchase Caps clothing and merchandise.

Continuing once again this year, Oil Capitals clothing can be purchased at Virden Sport and Fashion.  Sport and Fashion carries Oil Capitals golf shirts, jackets, hoodies, and other Oil Capitals clothing for all ages.

As well, fans will be able to continue to purchase a limited amount of merchandise at the hockey games.  Hats, mini sticks, flags, and jerseys can be purchased at games at the Oil Capitals Merchandise kiosk.

New this year; The Oil Capitals are partnering with Source for Sports Brandon, in opening an online merchandise store.  Oil Capitals golf shirts, jackets, hoodies and other Oil Capitals clothing for all ages can also be purchased this route as well.  Merchandise can be shipped right to the Oil Capitals office for pick up, or right to your home.  Easy and accessible online payment is available as well to speed up the process.  The online merchandise store is accessible right on the Oil Capitals web page at oilcapshockey.com

Director of Hockey & Business Operations Jamie Hodson elaborated, “As an organization, we are continuing to work hard at getting our brand available; easily and affordably.  Oil Capitals clothing, jerseys, flags, hats, mini sticks, and other paraphernalia can be purchased now from different resources and avenues.  We are thrilled to work with Source of Sports in Brandon in creating an online store so as individuals can get merchandise mailed right to their door step.  Virden Sport and Fashion did a great job last year in our first year having our products and merchandise available for sale at their store.  They too will continue to see growth this year in Oil Capitals merchandise as well especially into the Holiday season.  We are thrilled to be working with these two partners in getting our brand out there.  It’s a win/win for our fans, and for our Oil Capitals brand to have options in getting our name out there.”