Oil Caps working with Virden Minor Hockey this season

The Oil Capitals are joining forces with Virden Minor Hockey this season.

A total of 12 minor hockey teams in the community will have two Oil Caps players each helping their respective teams throughout this hockey season. The players will attend most of their respective team’s practices and will be at their games when time permits.

“They’ll be helping the coaches in demonstrations and helping with drills,” said Jamie Hodson, director of business and hockey operations for the Oil Capitals. “They’ll be talking to the kids and will be a mentor for the young players.”

Hodson says the Oil Capitals really want to reach the fabric of the community – and to get out into the trenches of youth sport such as minor hockey.

“The more we intertwine our players with the community, it’s good for both the community, our players, and our organization.”

“It’s a win-win for everyone,” Hodson added.

The Virden Minor Hockey board of directors agree.

“I think it’s a great way for the Oil Caps to become an even greater influence on the players in VMH and to be someone the kids can look up to, like a big brother,” the board said in a statement. “It’s also great for the organization to have high quality athletes show and demonstrate skills to the kids so they can help build on those skills so we can have stronger hockey players come out of the VMH system.”

The Oil Caps aren’t solely focused on just the VMH system, but other minor hockey programs around Virden.

“We will also look to continue and build relationships with other minor hockey organizations too moving forward,” Hodson said.