CORE Ag and Taurus Partner with the Oil Capitals

The Virden Oil Capitals Hockey Club is proud to have two new jersey partners for this coming season.

CORE Ag is partnering with the Virden Oil Capitals on the Black Jerseys.  CORE Ag Inputs – Virden is a new agriculture retail business which serves the Virden, Reston, Miniota and Kenton areas.  They work within the CORE Ag network, one that has several locations across Western Canada.

The CORE Ag network is a Western Canadian-based crop inputs retail organization that provides first-in-class products and services through independent locally owned and operated retail stores.  The owners are committed to the communities we serve. Our community partnerships allow us to follow through on this vision.

Tyler Strachan, partner and Manager at CORE Ag in Virden, had this to say about the new partnership with the club: “The Oil Caps provide a great opportunity for young players to grow and prepare for later in life.  The Oil Caps name and community support go hand in hand as the Caps are continuously involved in events in our surrounding communities.  This partnership allows CORE Ag to show that we share the same values of our local community.”

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Taurus is partnering with the team on the White Jerseys. Taurus is excited to partner with Virden Oil Capitals as we love what they have done in a rural setting to bring that sense of a greater community and fellowship. Craig Davidson, partner at Taurus, explains, “The success of our business at Taurus is partnering with advanced growers in rural settings across Western Canada to bring additional value to their farms while helping them build a stronger brand.  We would expect the same in return when we work with the Oil Capitals.”

Davidson goes on to say, “We know first-hand the importance junior hockey and strong hockey communities have in fostering these young men on the next leg of their life journey.   At Taurus, we have three employees that played junior hockey and used it as their stepping stone to become great individuals.  It helped them realize the importance of hard work, dedication, excelling in team environments, while involving themselves in communities and giving back.  What a great way to build well-rounded people!”

Jamie Hodson, Director of Business and Hockey Operations expanded on the new partnerships: “The hockey club is ecstatic with the new partnerships for our jerseys.  Taurus is an agriculture company, started locally in the area.  This a very reputable and respected company serving all Western Canada.  Their brand coincides with respect, integrity, and leadership in their field of work – all traits that the Virden Oil Capitals aspire to achieve.  Core Ag is a newly started Ag Retail in Western Canada, one that is quickly making a strong foothold in the local area.  Their values and principals of serving the local area, creating and fostering local relationships, and helping grow the local community is what our hockey club also emulates.  We are proud to be partnered with two prolific companies.  Their values align with our vision of our hockey club both on and off the ice.  We feel their brands are very consistent with the direction we strive our hockey club to be.”

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