The Oil & Energy Appreciation Game was a Success!

The Oil & Energy Appreciation Game vs Portage on January 18th, was a huge success.  Seth Eady, from the Junior High, was the jersey designer award winner, while Brooks Freeman, of Virden, polished the jersey to its finality.  Meanwhile, the jersey auction was a huge success!

Baker Hughes (a GE Company) has graciously helped us in supporting the design and fabrication of the jerseys.  Baker Hughes is a great partner of our hockey team, and we would like to thank them for their partnering with the club on our Oil & Energy Jersey.

Overall a huge thank you the over 1015 people in attendance for the game.  There was many great steps taken in helping promote the Oil & Energy Sector in this area of the province.  Over 150 tickets were given to Oil & Energy Sector workers on the night.  There was a joyous and positive atmosphere at the TOGP vs Portage on the 18th.

A huge thank you to all who participated in the Jersey auction.  Proceeds of the auction will go towards the Oil Capitals Hockey Club in helping to continue to grow our organization both on and off the ice and in the community of Virden and all of SW Manitoba.  There was a total of $4,500 raised in the jersey auction.  As an organization, we’d like to thank all who participated!