Oil Capitals Management Team all set

The recent addition of General Manager and Head coach Tyson Ramsey allows Hodson to transition into President role

Lenore product, Jamie Hodson, took on a role to oversee operations of the organization two years ago as Director of Business and Hockey Operations.  In that time, Hodson and all team staff helped facilitate and grow the club’s marketing partners to include many past, current, and new corporate relationships with hockey team now and into the future.  All the while Hodson has helped handle and maneuver the on ice product in conjunction with previous management.  In that time, the season ticket base has increased and total fan attendance was once again higher last year with an average attendance of 852 per game.  The team lost the championship final two years ago to the Steinbach Pistons, and this past year with a young team, lost to Portage in the semi-finals.

The team is set up well on the ice to make another championship run this coming season.   But equally if not more important, the business management component of the team is now in a position that we firmly believe will ensure long term viability for the club.  Tyson Ramsey will now be in charge of all aspects of the team that includes both the on ice product and the off ice business and budget aspect that is essential for success.  Tyson will become the face of the organization within the community and will ensure a personal touch with each and every valued marketing partner, season ticket holder and fan.   Hodson as President will work closely with the Board of Directors and with Tyson in maneuvering all these aspects of the club into the future.


Jamie Hodson – Oil Capitals President

“I’ve really enjoyed the previous two years with the hockey club.  I have gotten to work with some great people and really enjoyed my time in all areas of the team.  I recognized the necessities of having a hometown individual who can be a “face” for the club and help drive and develop those relationships with fans and partners alike.  I am really proud of what the team has accomplished the last two years, and it was a team effort all around.  All team personnel staff have really worked well together in helping drive the team forward in a positive direction.  I am elated with our ownership group and our Board of Directors and the commitment they have with the team and the community.  I think there are some exciting possibilities that the club will be embracing off the ice in the future as well to have the club more community driven.  Tyson Ramsey (GM/Head Coach), Marc Berry (Assistant GM), Teresa Heritage (Office Manager), Brian Elder (Head Scout), among many others have similar visions in how we want this hockey club to operate both on and off the ice.  Tyson has a strong handle on the makeup of this club both on and off the ice and the necessities that are required to move forward in a positive direction.  And more importantly this group fits well with the Board of Directors on expectations for the hockey club.  I think we have the championship pedigree to do something special here over the next few years, and I look forward to what the future holds.”


Oil Capitals Board of Directors

“Jamie’s role with the team over the last two years has been an excellent learning experience for all.  Running a Jr A Hockey Club in a small rural community is no small feat, and as a board we felt that Jamie came in and really put his stamp on this club.  Putting together a good on ice product is one thing.  However the greatest eye opener might have been the realization of what it takes to run a viable business off the ice.  The hockey club is really making things as streamlined as possible; all the while giving our partners, fans, and our players a professional and positive setting for success to be achieved both on and off the ice.  Jamie’s focus has grown to focus on their own businesses and their family needs.  In this dynamic, we feel Jamie will compliment Tyson nicely as he transitions into his new role with the hockey club and are really excited for what the future holds for the organization, all the while having Jamie’s steady presence in the future is great for the organization and for Tyson and his staff.”


Tyson Ramsey – GM & Head Coach of Oil Capitals.

“I have really enjoyed working with Jamie over the course of the last 2 seasons. Obviously as a former professional hockey player himself he brings experience and a knowledge of the game like no other. He has a keen eye for talent and projecting what a player may bring to the table as they grow and develop. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate all that he has to offer on the player personnel side of our hockey club and look forward to his continued input moving forward. But where I have probably learned the most from Jamie is on the business side of running a Junior A hockey club. Jamie has such a sharp business mind and always puts partners and the community first when making decisions on a daily basis. The work he has done to increase our partnerships within the community and surrounding area is nothing short of amazing.  Jamie, along with our strong board of directors, will be an invaluable resource for me moving forward in all areas and I look forward to working with him and our management team to bring a championship to a very deserving community in Virden.”

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